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Not all synthetics are made the same.


ROLF has revolutionized conventional synthetic products that which have easily surpassed even the most stringent OEM standard requirements, and is recognized far and wide by the API/ACEA.


Almost all marque car manufacturers—regardless of their origin—proudly showcase their powerful engines with high horsepower and high acceleration speed, which accentuates an output that delivers even at extremely high speeds.

However, lubrication is the essence of maintaining the necessary temperature to cool engines at high optimum levels without compromising the delicate power balance of speed and protection.

To meet these standards, requirements such as sophisticated engines, tireless effort, and chemistry researches were standardized; ultimately, this resulted in our safeguard formulation, developed at our research & development center in France.

With the PAO (PolyAlfaOlifin) Group 4, the finest base oil in all our ROLF synthetic range products—for Fully and Semi-Synthetic—to be marketed, even with the arguably high cost to produce, the market reaction to ROLF’s PAO synthetic range was overwhelming.

And today, with proven testimonies and industry nomination, ROLF lubricants have been accorded the 2015-2016 Global Excellent Brand Award by Asia Entrepreneur Alliance (AEA).

Unique Among The Others






Amstron Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd

The Amstron Group has—since its inception more than twenty years ago in 1995—firmly established its name in the local engine oil market. They have built a solid reputation as a reliable supplier of high quality lubricant, which can be attributed to their strong belief in excellent customer service, innovative mindset, and tireless perseverance; together with the technical formulation and cutting edge technology they possess as a premium manufacturer cum lubricant distributor.

Amstron Marketing (M) Sdn. Bhd. has now become the proud ownership exclusively for Asia and Continent Countries for ROLF lubricants—a series of lubricants for both petrol and diesel engine cars that is formulated with advanced French technology and engineered from high quality base oil that meets the highest standard requirement of API/ACEA/SAE approval and has delivered the utmost ultimate performance regardless of vehicle mileage and was accorded the Global Super Excellent brand Award 2015-2016 – Leadership Excellence Award by Asia Entrepreneur Alliance (AEA).


ROLF is recognized as a leading brand of lubricants that has produced high-quality products and services on a regional level, while their vast experiences and exposure in domestic and international market and has eventually led them to become a manufacturer and international distributor of lubricants; having already supplied ROLF lubricants to their overseas agencies in HCM, Vietnam and Phnom Penh in Cambodia, which has profoundly insisted on their quality.

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ROLF has expanded it's distribution across South East Asia and we are seeking new partners that are interested for growth.

We are looking for further expansion in countries like Myanmar, Laos, and Philippines.

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